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In February 1979, Amélie Grand created the winter festival called Les Hivernales, a week devoted to dance, offering performances, workshops, exhibits, films, videos, talks and a Free Dance Forum for new companies. At the heart of a budding movement known as "young French dance" and the intense fervour surrounding dance in the 1980's, Les Hivernales experienced a growing success.
In 2001, Les Hivernales became a Choreography Development Centre, like other structures throughout France, which now form a network of nine CDCs.
In 2005 the Ministry of Culture and Communication provided these dance centres with the means to develop their activity focused on hosting dance companies, supporting production and new projects, promoting performances and stimulating public awareness of dance as a performing art.
For the Entretiens de Valois event in 2008, initiated by the Ministry of Culture and Communication, the CDC network worked with the ministry to define a charter whereby each centre committed to work towards diversity in dance culture within its local territory and to develop promotional and awareness-building activities.
Since 2005, the CDC–Les Hivernales platform has hosted performances, choreographers in residence, talks and workshops in this permanent venue for dance events.
CDC director since September 2009, Emmanuel Serafini has continuously pursued the work of the centre's founders, accompanying and anticipating the evolution of choreographic art, while providing the keys to understanding to make dance accessible to the widest possible audience.