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The CDCs



The origin...


In the early 1980s, state policy to promote contemporary dance took concrete shape with the establishment of CCNs (centres chorégraphiques nationaux). Run by choreographers who establish their independant companies, they are real creation tools. They are now 19 in several territories.
In those years of big evolution of dance, others kinds of structures - festivals, residency centres - have born. The first CDC was created in Toulouse in 1995, and then in 1996, Uzès danse.
The CDCs are the inheritors of a particular history, created on the ground and adapted to their region, and they have proved to be the long-term tools for decentralising choreography and democrising culture.
CDCs are directed by professionals who are not artists in activity, and their artsistic and cultural missions relate to production, performing of dance spectacles, and cultural and educational activities to raise awareness to dance.

Each CDC pursues its own artistic and educational policy but they offer cultural seasons, and quality festivals. They all receive a financial support by the state and the local authorities.


A national label

In 2009, following the Entretiens de Valois, involving discussions on the future ofthe performing arts, the Circulaire des labels et réseaux devoted an appendix to the CDCs. It defines the specifications charts of the network of centres de développement chorégraphique and establishes at the heart of the CDC activities 'the relationship between choreographic creation and the public'

Joint actions of CDCs

Every year the CDCs co-produce a company new piece, which is supported throughout the process of creation and until the performance and then touring of the new dance piece.
Co-production by the CDCs is aimed at promising artists at the start of their careers who are based in France or abroad.

The other Centres de Développement Chorégraphique

CDC Toulouse / Midi-Pyrénées
la Briqueterie CDC du Val de Marne
Le Gymnase CDC Roubaix Nord Pas-de Calais
Art Danse CDC Dijon Bourgogne
Uzès Danse, CDC de l'Uzège, du Gard et du Languedoc-Roussillon
Le Cuvier CDC d'Aquitaine
Le Pacifique CDC Rhône-Alpes
L'échangeur CDC Picardie
CDC - Les Hivernales Avignon Vaucluse Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
CDC Ouagadougou – Burkina Faso
CDC Paris Réseau Danse

In foreshadowing
Pôle Sud CDC Strasbourg